Gram Swaraj, a special term coined by Mahatma Gandhi and later developed by Vinoba which promotes conversion of every village into a self-efficient autonomous entity where all the systems and facilities for a dignified living are available. Gandhian ideology has inspired to keep human happiness in tandem with sustainable growth. Swaraj is self rule with continuous effort towards independence and self reliance. Gram Swaraj or village self rule is decentralized, human centric and non-exploiting. It adheres to working towards simple village economy and to achieve self sufficiency.

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What We Do

Where We Work

Gram Swaraj's socio-economic and socio-ecological interventions are presently concentrated in the geographical area of Mayurbhanj district ( located in Odisha, eastern part of India. The organization works predominately in forested areas of Mayurbhanj district, more particularly the Similipal Biosphere Reserve ( dominated by a diverse indigenous population.

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