Gram Swaraj is a special term coined by Mahatma Gandhi and later developed by Vinoba Bhave, which promotes the transformation of every village into a self-efficient autonomous entity where all the systems and facilities for a dignified living are available. Swaraj signifies self-rule with a continuous effort towards independence and self reliance. Gram Swaraj or village self-rule is decentralized, human centric and non-exploitative. It adheres to working towards a simple village economy and towards achieving self-sufficiency.

The organization Gram Swaraj was born to address core issues of ecological restoration, self governance and human growth. The organization worked on an informal basis for two years and then got registered as a society in the year 1995.

Vision, Mission & Approach


"People living with dignity with access to all concerned facilities through transformation of villages into self-governed, interdependent and self-efficient autonomous entities"


"Creating enabling environment for rural communities towards inclusive growth"


We believe:

  • Well being of the human society in the long run is based on the ecological health of the planet.
  • Prudent management of natural resources and cultural revitalisation through peoples’ institutions is the key towards a quality life particularly in rural areas.
  • Tribal and rural people need prioritised attention, and should be at the centre stage in their own design of development.
  • Collective action and positive expression promotes more equitable arrangements and inclusive growth.

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