Socio-institutional support is still necessary for the world humanity, be it rich or poor. This is because particular institutions address particular needs of the society. And for the rural poor of tribal India such support still plays a pivotal role so as to address the concerns of gender & equity, social disparity, economic instability, and ecological vulnerability, etc..

Gram Swaraj wants to sustain, expand, and diversify its socio-institutional support for the overall development of the Simlipal Biosphere Reserve and its indigenous population, and if our work has inspired you for a support for this humble cause in cash or kind, please do write to us at All transactions in cash shall be strictly as per the prevalent Indian laws concerned.


You can also extend your support directly to the people of Gram Swaraj’s field areas. You can serve them as volunteer and stay with them in their village. Gram Swaraj would like to ensure your safety and basic field-level facilities. Please let us know about your interest at with "expression of interest to volunteer" in the subject line.

Adopt A Community

You may also adopt a community and support their endeavor to save our planet. Gram Swaraj would be very happy to extend all possible cooperation to you for this noble cause. Please let us know about your interest in this regard at with "expression of interest to adopt a community" in the subject line.

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